Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Weddings and Tarts!

Oh my the wedding is snowballing! We now have a Pageboy, Usher, Flowergirl and Maid of Honour. Not much more cost but a lot more to organise. And even though we are just managing to cover the cost of the wedding, my car then decides to get to a point where it will not pass it's MOT. Can't really see the bank giving me an affordable loan at the mo, so I think we're going to have to try and share the one car. eeek. oh, I can also now fit into my wedding dress with room to spare! yey! so will need it taken in now!

Anyway onto yummy stuff, I have been making a few things over this easter weekend, such as a mini banana cake, a mini strawberry roll and biscuits. I also made this strawberry tart a couple of weeks ago, which is now in my Folksy Shop.

I bought that spotted tray for only £2.50 from Tesco, bargain! I picked up a beautiful yellow china teacup and saucer for £3.90 from a charity shop on the weekend too, will get it into as many photos as I can! I promise!

I'm booked in to do a craft show on the 8th May, at the Ostreme Centre in Mumbles again. Haven't done one since xmas and looking forward to it. Starts at 10am til 4pm if anyone is interested.

Oh one more thing, I sold some biscuits to the lovely Lucie of OddgirlCreates, who has mentioned them on her blog. Thanks Lucie!