Monday, 7 February 2011

Finally, some pictures!

I finally got around to listing my amigurumi things on my Folksy shop this weekend. Take a look:

This is a trio of cupcakes! Look at their faces, they make me laugh! They're being sold individually.

This is my cupcake bear! I love these things, they're based on actual bear shaped cupcake treats available in japan, or so I believe (is this true? anyone got any pics?) If ever I get the chance to go to Japan, I think my heart would give out with pure joy!

This little cutie is Suzie, my first freestyle amigurumi! I love her so!

I actually did it! I sewed a beans on toast from felt! I was so excited making this and am really pleased with the way it turned out. I used an orange gel fabric paint to create the shine of the tomato sauce over the beans.

And finally, a new kind of item I will be selling in my shop, food badges! This is my toast badge, 'cos everybody likes a good slice of toast and a cuppa (well, nearly everyone). I will try a Battenberg one next.

So, thats my news done, what's everyone else been up to?