Monday, 31 January 2011

Interview and Feature

Oh exciting news! Last week I was asked to do an interview with Peach Nia for her blog A Lovely Little Deer (it's fab, check it out) with a feature of Pipinopolis and a giveaway, take a look at it here. I'm very proud and very grateful to Peach. The site has got some great artists featured on it, including two of my favourites Twinkie Chan and Beaky. Peach sampled my Felt Biscuit Set and there is a giveaway for a set of my French Fancies!
What else have I done? you might ask. Well, I have been going amigurumi mad as seen in my last post and have created a few cute little fellows which I must get around to listing this weekend. I am also going to create some more felt foods this week, some savouries I think, beans on toast is calling for me to sew it. Possibly some fish fingers and chips too!
For Lent, I am thinking of giving up buying more craft materials, and trying to use up what I have already, even though I always come across some mighty tempting suppliers' sites!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gurumi mad!


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoyed the snow if you had any left. Since I last wrote, I have leared how to crochet (a few different stitches) and have completed a few granny squares to make into a throw (still in progress). I have also been a fan of Amigurumi for over a year now and since I started to crochet I couldn't wait to try one of these. I bought my mum this amigurimi book for her birthday:
And have started one of the designs. It took me a few tries to work out where to make the stitches but I think I've got the hang of it now. Still working on it though! :)

Since we're talking of amigurumi, lets have a look at some amazing pieces I've come across:

This amazing little fellow is the work of Muffa and is one of a kind! You can find him and more at her Etsy shop: Muffa. The miniature work is just beyond amazing!!!

This bashfull looking bear is from Aintzi and is for sale in her Etsy shop: Knitting Dreams. I love his oversized head and rosy cheeks.

These tooth pillows are by Naju and can be found on their Folksy shop Naju Shop. They are used to put fallen teeth under to help out the tooth fairy and save them trying to get under the child's pillow while they sleep. I really like the one with lashes.

Oh for the weekend to pick up some more supplies!!!!