Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Things I want to make

All day at work I'm thinking of things I'd like to make (sew) when I get home, but when I sit down after dinner, my mind is blank! So here's a list:
Full breakfast
i pod
Bullet Bill
Mario mushroom
Bakewell tart
Baked beans

When I have the confidence, I shall try some fruit!!! lol
Oh roll on that week off over xmas!!!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Tea and Cake

I've just finished these slices of Battenberg cake for my Folksy shop. I wasn't too sure about the shades at first but now they're finished, I'm happy with them.
Just makes me want to snuggle under the throw on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and cake! Although, I've been eating too much comfort food of late and have put back on the weight I'd lost for the wedding! :(
Two weeks left in work now before the holidays (yipee). The Christmas tree is up, presents bought, just wrapping left! We're having lunch with my family this year, and there will be 8 of us, so am looking forward to a good old family day like they used to be.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Craft Food

Since the last craft fayre, I've been making felt food like crazy! I had another fayre on Saturday (5th) which was also a poor turn out, but I managed to make a few sales! All felt food!

I've been focusing mainly on biscuits ( as you can see) but want to make more savories now, especially as play food. Maybe a few young children in the family will be getting play food off Father Christmas this year!

I'm a lot more relaxed now that I'm done sewing before Christmas, although now I can't wait to have time to experiment with new designs. Since that was my last craft fayre before Christmas, I've listed the biscuits online in my Etsy and Folksy shops (links on this page). I want to list all the stockings and dolls too, but will have to wait until I find some daylight to photograph them!

Oh nearly forgot to say, I had my first 3 sales from my Etsy shop last weekend and sold 3 Matryoshka dolls to a lady from Poland. I was so delighted, I hope she likes them.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Craft Fayre

Well, the craft Fayre was on Saturday, not too bad. It wasn't very busy as the weather was awful on the coast, but I did make a few sales! What an eye opener, I only sold my felt foods. Not one person bought a bag, stocking or doll. So at least I know whet people will part with their cash for. I am now making felt cakes like mad after work as I've booked in for another fayre on 5th December. I'm kind of glad they're selling as I have so much fun making these and they don't take up too much time.

My mum has taken my stock of dolls and is going to display them at a local event near her home. Maybe they'll sell a little better there. I do feel like I've got a mental block on ideas for the cakes though, which is bugging me as I like creating wonderful designs. I'm keeping my eyes out for inspiration everywhere!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Nearly There

Ok, I have 2 weeks to go til the craft fayre, and loads still to make!!! I feel so behind. Just realised I havent got much variety so will try to make some extra decorations if I have time.....aaarrrggg!!!! And to top it off I didn't do any sewing all weekend, which is my own fault as I was feeling too tired!

Also my mum's cat has gone missing, so am worried about that. She's such a timid little thing (the cat), really hope she'll return safe. My Fiance and I have to declare our intentions to marry on Wednesday morning, I hope I don't forget to take anything. We finally got an official date for the wedding, next October. So need to make more cash, lol. Its all just one big circle......

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Work, but not the kind I enjoy!

Work has been consuming my thoughts lately, not happy with the situation, and by the time I get home, I can't get it out of my head to enjoy making things! My Fiance is feeling the same ( we work together). Anyway, had a nice change yesterday by going to the cinema with my bro and sister-in-law, we saw Zombieland! very funny. My bro and I are big Zombie fans to the extent of being zombie geeks, so any zombies are good zombies:)

Not sewn for the past two nights though, so will try tonight. I made a bad attempt at a cupcake a couple of weeks ago, which I found our youngest cat playing with under the setee this morning! the cheek of it, but it was funny as it's her 1st birthday today, seemed she wanted her own cake, lol! heres a picture we took of her a few months ago.

Monday, 5 October 2009


Ok, I've been attempting plushies for a while now, and am quite taken with plush food. Here are some doughnuts I've sewn, also adding beads as sprinkles! Will either try selling these on Etsy or more likely at the craft fayre in November. I've also made some plush french fancies, which I'll try and get a picture of here. I really enjoyed making these, something I can do whilst catching up with the programmes I've skyplus'd!!!

birdprint bag

birdprint bag
Originally uploaded by c.dellibovi
Finally, a picture of one of my bags. I've spent my weekend listing them on Etsy.com.

Monday, 14 September 2009

How do you sew AND keep the house tidy?

Yes, the end of summer is here, and trying to be a good girl, I've cleaned out the living room and got rid of every bit of dirt, and hoovered, dusted, washed. But as I haven't a workroom to sew in, I've allocated myself a corner in the living room with my sewing machine on a small table. This does not a clean and tidy house make! How does everyone else manage? I start making an item and find I've got thread, cuttings and pins everywhere. Truffle doesn't help with her obsession with bobbins and thread reels (I found 3 bobbins behind the settee).

oh I can't wait til we're in a position to buy our own house, with a spare room all to myself! ahhh!

anyhow, the bags are slowly coming along and the xmas craft fayre is drawing nearer! better get my skates on.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Later on

Ok, well I've made dolls (even though some have gone away as birthday presents), and have listed them on etsy.com (pic on right). I think the photos let me down though, they're no where near professional enough, so I think tomorrow I will try take some more. Other than that a few bags are made up and I have a craft show booked in Mumbles, Swansea before Christmas. I have the day off work tomorrow so plan to get a lot done, and need to go and pick up supplies.

My partner and I have also booked a date for our wedding! Its a year today, and I've been so excited that I've already ordered the dress from DollyCouture.com and bought the rings off Ebay! I also bought some Russian net to make a veil! I feel like a child overeager about Christmas, oh well!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Etsy Shop

Finally, I got my self together to create my Etsy shop : Pipinopolis.etsy.com, I only have a few items I managed to make up over the hectic weekend, but none the less I am proud of myself! If only I didn't spend most of my days at work but at home doing what I love, I'd be there a lot faster and happier! Everyone has to start out somewhere, and hopefully this is my start.

I'm going to try to gear myself up and get some photos up on Flickr this weekend and brighten up this thing! Though I think I'll have the house to myself this evening as Boyfriend is going out with mates, which'll give me space to make a mess with all my stuff!!! oh the extravagance of it. I spent last night completing the boring bits (making labels, organising materials) but I fear I need a little more inspiration tonight.