Monday, 14 September 2009

How do you sew AND keep the house tidy?

Yes, the end of summer is here, and trying to be a good girl, I've cleaned out the living room and got rid of every bit of dirt, and hoovered, dusted, washed. But as I haven't a workroom to sew in, I've allocated myself a corner in the living room with my sewing machine on a small table. This does not a clean and tidy house make! How does everyone else manage? I start making an item and find I've got thread, cuttings and pins everywhere. Truffle doesn't help with her obsession with bobbins and thread reels (I found 3 bobbins behind the settee).

oh I can't wait til we're in a position to buy our own house, with a spare room all to myself! ahhh!

anyhow, the bags are slowly coming along and the xmas craft fayre is drawing nearer! better get my skates on.


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