Thursday, 28 October 2010

What I covet

I want to sew sew sew, but still there is never any time. Tonight I will be baking cupcakes (from a ready made mix - I can't bake) and making one of my famous lasagnas for my Sister-in-law's engagement party tomorrow night. I'm worried about making enough portions but there will be plenty of other food there! I'm looking forward to decorating the cupcakes in pastel coloured icing and will put them on my cake stand. If anyone breaks it, they're in trouble!

I desperatley want to sew some petit fours, chocolates and detailed things. I also desperatley want this book from Japan:

It looks so fab! I'm currently hunting one down at a reasonable price. Wedding thankyou cards are on order, everything is taking ages! But we did get the official pics back and they look amazing! So happy with them! I've also been looking at getting another cake stand for myself, maybe for a Christmas prezzie to me, I love these from The Vintage Tea Party :

They will be selling at an Event in the Village Hotel in Swansea on the 18th November!

I am also cooing over loose base cake tins in Tesco, is that a new wife thing??? and I want new saucepans, baking trays, mixing bowls (can you see I am trying to learn to bake? - 50s housewife style) I also want retro weighing scales! like these from dotcomgiftshop:
Actually, thier whole vintage kitchen range is fantastic, I want it all!!!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Post wedding normality

Well it's all done and dusted now. The order went out, the wedding happened (in a dase) and we went on honeymoon to Morocco. Everything was fab, and we didn't get to do half the things we planned on the day, but that was fine, we wern't really bothered when it came down to it. We didn't get time to play our last song so we had a dance to that on our last day of honeymoon in our room. Thant was lovely. Heres a wedding pic for now (not picked up official ones yet)

Back to crafting news. I am making xmas goodie bags for my cousin's two sons, so far we have pancakes, potato waffle, cheese, beans, and fried egg. I'm hoping to make out of it, a fried breakfast, sandwich, deserts and some other snacks! Looks good so far.

I've also made a sets of gingerbread men for my folksy shop and am just starting making xmas puddings and candy canes (the canes are tricky, not worked out how I'm making them yet). The cats are back at home with us, investigating everything made. We can't wait til xmas so we can all snuggle up together at home.