Monday, 13 August 2012

Like another world!

Hi all

I know, I know, you thought I'd gone away forever! But I am still here. Would you like a catch up?

In April I was due to give birth, and right on time, my little boy arrived. (we didn't know what we were having, so it was a lovely surprise). As it was our first child it was such an eye opener, and my lord, the sleep deprivation was something else. As he got to two weeks old he started having what seemed to be bad wind, but then one day he refused to feed and was in pain. We took him to the out of hours GP and the referred him to the paediatrician on site. he was admitted into hospital which was so awful to see as he had tubes and wires everywhere. it turned out he had Group B Strep which had turned into meningitis. the pain was the inflammation of his intestines. we had some awful nights to follow, where he couldn't eat and was in so much pain, then one night he had seizures. the doctors didn't think he'd make it through that night.

Much to our delight, he started to get better, the infection was going due to him having antibiotics at just the right time. Our little man was strong and he started to change and grow, it was just a shame it was in a hospital setting, not at home with his family. We ensured he was always with someone, myself, my husband or my mother. he was never alone, and we talked to him and sung to him to let him know he was with us. my husband and i were a wreck. hungry and sleep deprived, stressed beyond belief, but we got through. And he got through. after 3 weeks we were eventually able to get discharged from the hospital and went home to start again. caring for a newborn in a hospital was so difficult, not only are you learning how to be a parent but you have nothing you really need to hand to settle him in and it is so confining.

moving on, he is now 4 months old, and doing brilliantly! he is a chunky monkey and i feel so lucky to have him. here he is:

We still go for tests and checks to see if the seizures had any lasting effects, but if they have, we will work with them. As long as he is happy, we're happy. I have just finished making some letters for his room to hang on the wall, I will try get the picture up on here!

Best go and get on with housework while my mum has him for the day, cant wait to see him later!

Friday, 9 March 2012

News and such

Ok guys, we're on baby countdown now, just 6 weeks left until due date, but you never quite know when they're going to decide to come out. So I am going to close The World of Pipinopolis in 2 weeks time, just in case, and will get some stock ready for reopening.

We've had a lot of business these past two weeks, which has been lovely, and I hope it continues after reopening. I am currently working on a fourth petite four, to send out to France this weekend, which should be finished tonight.

I only have 4 weeks left at my main place of work, so I can't wait to finish things up there for 6 months.

Now here are some delicious items I plan to recreate in felt:

Bakewell Slices


Viennese Whirls

I can't wait to have some spare time to sew...before baby of course!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mr Kipling treats

I have finally listed those Mr Kipling treats I mentioned ages ago! Take a look:

Mr Kipling Angel cake slices

Mr Kipling Lemon cake slices
They are available in the Folksy shop. I also plan to make the Bakewell slices soon. I love working with the Tulip fabric paint used for the icing, there is so much you can do with it. I had to insert batting for the slices to keep their shape, and they worked out really well I think. I plan to put together a Mr Kipling selection in my shop, possibly containing: Battenberg slices, cake slices, French Fancies and some Viennese Swirls.

I also added a doughnut selection to my Folksy shop, made just for play:

Doughnut selection
There is a chocolate with nuts, pink with sprinkles and white with chocolate. These are made entirely of felt with no beads, so they're safe for play. The pink one is very Simpson style!

I have also been sewing on the tiny side, trying to make a brooch...but as untidy as I am, I've misplaced the brooch backs! humph! The only thing to do now is to finally organise my things and I'm sure I'll find them somewhere.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Petit fours in my shop

I finally finished the petit fours from Ruko's design, only there are 3 instead! :)

Petit fours

They are for sale in my Folksy shop now. It was nice to make something small and delicate again, and I love using the braid trimmings. I think I might try a wedding cake next.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beautiful prints

Yesterday I stumbled upon a beautiful print:

Biscuits in a line. Limited edition giclée print.
Just looking at this makes my heart palpitate! And boy, do I wanna sew, sew, sew! I traced it back to the artist, Joël Penkman and found his Etsy shop.

These prints remind me of old Ladybird illustrations, which I adore, and obviously I love these as they cover the pop culture of food. Take a look at more of his prints:

Sweet selection. One giclée print

Rocket lolly ices. Limited edition giclée print

British sweets collection. One giclée print

Joël Penkman also has a website here. I am defiantly going to buy a print for the Baby's room! It'll look like WillyWonka's factory by the time I'm finished decorating!

I was also looking at Ladybird's website here, and found that they sell some of their prints too..... oh boy! Just look at these:

Oh how I love vintage Ladybird! My favourite book was called My Day:

It had some pictures of exasperated parents which made me laugh, and some excellent pictures of supermarkets. I see some on sale now and again on ebay, so I must start bidding.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Petit Fours

This week I will mainly be sewing these:

They are designs from the book: Ruko's Original Sweets made of Felt. Very tiny and detailed, but very satisfying to make. I will list them in my Folksy shop when they're done. I really want the champagne truffle box too, but can I justify £10 for a box??!! hmmmm...maybe!

I am also currently working on PDF patterns for the shop, and I just need a day to myself where I can take pictures of different stages of the sewing process. Hopefully these will be available soon.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Pipinopolis is back!

I have finally reopened The world of Pipinopolis on Folksy. There are more items to come which I shall get listed asap, but here are some pictures of the sweet treats on offer:

Remember, if there's something in particular you're after, just get in touch and I'll have a go at making it. Here are some commissions I've made for past customers:

Thanks for reading!