Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beautiful prints

Yesterday I stumbled upon a beautiful print:

Biscuits in a line. Limited edition giclée print.
Just looking at this makes my heart palpitate! And boy, do I wanna sew, sew, sew! I traced it back to the artist, Joël Penkman and found his Etsy shop.

These prints remind me of old Ladybird illustrations, which I adore, and obviously I love these as they cover the pop culture of food. Take a look at more of his prints:

Sweet selection. One giclée print

Rocket lolly ices. Limited edition giclée print

British sweets collection. One giclée print

Joël Penkman also has a website here. I am defiantly going to buy a print for the Baby's room! It'll look like WillyWonka's factory by the time I'm finished decorating!

I was also looking at Ladybird's website here, and found that they sell some of their prints too..... oh boy! Just look at these:

Oh how I love vintage Ladybird! My favourite book was called My Day:

It had some pictures of exasperated parents which made me laugh, and some excellent pictures of supermarkets. I see some on sale now and again on ebay, so I must start bidding.


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