About me

Hi, my name is Catherine and I love all arts and crafts, I try to make as much as I can when at home. I work a general 9-5 in an office, so when I'm free from the restriction of a desk, I like to be as inspired as possible and to try a ton of new ideas or crafts! I've found the craft world online so welcoming, and love to meet fellow crafters, both experienced and beginners. I'm all for making crafts modern and 'in' again, and intend to bring it back into the limelight, especially with younger crafters.

I started sewing when I was a little girl, and have always liked trying new creative things. I learned a lot of craft skills from my family and feel that it has been invaluable to me. Always a bit of a geek, my hobbies have never proved to be 'cool', but I'm enjoying seeing this change!