Monday, 13 August 2012

Like another world!

Hi all

I know, I know, you thought I'd gone away forever! But I am still here. Would you like a catch up?

In April I was due to give birth, and right on time, my little boy arrived. (we didn't know what we were having, so it was a lovely surprise). As it was our first child it was such an eye opener, and my lord, the sleep deprivation was something else. As he got to two weeks old he started having what seemed to be bad wind, but then one day he refused to feed and was in pain. We took him to the out of hours GP and the referred him to the paediatrician on site. he was admitted into hospital which was so awful to see as he had tubes and wires everywhere. it turned out he had Group B Strep which had turned into meningitis. the pain was the inflammation of his intestines. we had some awful nights to follow, where he couldn't eat and was in so much pain, then one night he had seizures. the doctors didn't think he'd make it through that night.

Much to our delight, he started to get better, the infection was going due to him having antibiotics at just the right time. Our little man was strong and he started to change and grow, it was just a shame it was in a hospital setting, not at home with his family. We ensured he was always with someone, myself, my husband or my mother. he was never alone, and we talked to him and sung to him to let him know he was with us. my husband and i were a wreck. hungry and sleep deprived, stressed beyond belief, but we got through. And he got through. after 3 weeks we were eventually able to get discharged from the hospital and went home to start again. caring for a newborn in a hospital was so difficult, not only are you learning how to be a parent but you have nothing you really need to hand to settle him in and it is so confining.

moving on, he is now 4 months old, and doing brilliantly! he is a chunky monkey and i feel so lucky to have him. here he is:

We still go for tests and checks to see if the seizures had any lasting effects, but if they have, we will work with them. As long as he is happy, we're happy. I have just finished making some letters for his room to hang on the wall, I will try get the picture up on here!

Best go and get on with housework while my mum has him for the day, cant wait to see him later!