Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Petit Fours

This week I will mainly be sewing these:

They are designs from the book: Ruko's Original Sweets made of Felt. Very tiny and detailed, but very satisfying to make. I will list them in my Folksy shop when they're done. I really want the champagne truffle box too, but can I justify £10 for a box??!! hmmmm...maybe!

I am also currently working on PDF patterns for the shop, and I just need a day to myself where I can take pictures of different stages of the sewing process. Hopefully these will be available soon.



Caz said...

aaaaah so cute :-D I love the box too! I was actually going to buy those choccies for my boyfreind untill i saw the price haha!!

Fabulously french said...

They are gorgeous and I may just have to buy both the petit fours and a box to put them in :-)