Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mr Kipling treats

I have finally listed those Mr Kipling treats I mentioned ages ago! Take a look:

Mr Kipling Angel cake slices

Mr Kipling Lemon cake slices
They are available in the Folksy shop. I also plan to make the Bakewell slices soon. I love working with the Tulip fabric paint used for the icing, there is so much you can do with it. I had to insert batting for the slices to keep their shape, and they worked out really well I think. I plan to put together a Mr Kipling selection in my shop, possibly containing: Battenberg slices, cake slices, French Fancies and some Viennese Swirls.

I also added a doughnut selection to my Folksy shop, made just for play:

Doughnut selection
There is a chocolate with nuts, pink with sprinkles and white with chocolate. These are made entirely of felt with no beads, so they're safe for play. The pink one is very Simpson style!

I have also been sewing on the tiny side, trying to make a brooch...but as untidy as I am, I've misplaced the brooch backs! humph! The only thing to do now is to finally organise my things and I'm sure I'll find them somewhere.


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Caz said...

You are waaaaaay too good at those :-p