Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Etsy Shop

Finally, I got my self together to create my Etsy shop :, I only have a few items I managed to make up over the hectic weekend, but none the less I am proud of myself! If only I didn't spend most of my days at work but at home doing what I love, I'd be there a lot faster and happier! Everyone has to start out somewhere, and hopefully this is my start.

I'm going to try to gear myself up and get some photos up on Flickr this weekend and brighten up this thing! Though I think I'll have the house to myself this evening as Boyfriend is going out with mates, which'll give me space to make a mess with all my stuff!!! oh the extravagance of it. I spent last night completing the boring bits (making labels, organising materials) but I fear I need a little more inspiration tonight.

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