Monday, 18 January 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!

Hello and happy new year all!

I've been meaning to blog for weeks but have only just got over a fluey virus I had all over Christmas! Happens every year and eats up my spare time! Christmas day itself was lovely, we had a huge family dinner at my sister's and I even had my Bro and my Partner there with me this year. Was like old times.
I have been sewing away at some ideas, and finally finished something off my to do list, my full breakfast!! I've only produced one so far and have listed it on Folksy already 'cos I couldn't wait. I love the mushrooms as they're so cute! And each piece reminds me of a different show I was watching on Comedy Central at the time.
Work has been manic since I got back and I have a billion things to get done for my deadline. Also I'm sewing like mad at home this week as I'm doing a commision for my sister of 6 hot cross buns and 6 iced buns. She's doing a childcare/teaching course and wants to use props for songs help the children interact more. So I'm hoping for feedback on that one. The buns are turning out quite nice too, I'll get them on here asap. So many things I want to share at the mo, including some goodies from Japan, so will probably be blogging all week!!

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