Tuesday, 18 June 2013

At long last...

...I might actually start writing on my blog again! So much time has passed, so many nappies and tears and milk, but now I actually have a little time for my things now, so here we go again.
The world of Pipinopolis will be back up and running soon. The content will change slightly, but I'm hoping to keep the original work there in the form of PDF patterns (need some to get my head down on these). I will also have more things for the younger customers! These are the circles I'm in now, so I thought I'd take advantage!
My little man is growing fast, already had his 1st birthday and is coming along nicely since our scare early on. He seems to like my work too, I often get told to 'ook at things I've made and hung in his bedroom. I am back at my 9-5 job, with weekends and a weekday off to care for Mister, though I currently get some blissful time to sew during his nap (its a nice, quiet way not to disturb him too).
So will see ya all soon

Nearly forgot, we have another new little fella in the family, My little man has a new male cousin to play with, almost an exact year younger than him. We made him this rattle:


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