Monday, 14 March 2011

Popular crafts and bakery delight

Ohh, a couple of days off work for me, lovely! Haven't had enough time to blog or list anything properly. I had my work pictured in the Easter issue of Popular Crafts magazine:

Its always nice to see my work printed or featured somewhere, it makes me all giggly and proud!

I have also been making more amigurumis which I'll blog about later, and have made an old bakey favourite, the custard slice. My sister has kept mentioning I should try this for some time now, so I though I'd give it a whirl between orders, here it is:

It was quite simple to do with straight lines, but took me a little while to get the custard part the right height. I haven't actually eaten one in years and Mr Catherine pointed out that there was too much custard in my first attempt, so this one was born!

I've had an order in for some fish and meat products I've not tried before, but am looking forward to sewing, so I'll put some pics up when they're all done. Must dash now and get some biccies sent out in the post, will be back wih another blog later hopefully! TTFN.


Caz said...

mmm custard slice :-) aww I love your stuff its so cute (and scarily life like :-P)

June said...

I love your blog. Will be visiting more often.