Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Look what I just won on ebay....

I just bid this afternoon and won this:

I've been meaning to make a white box for a while now to get some uniform photos of my things, nice an bright. So found this on ebay, bargain!!! So I can hopefully start taking some clear shots from this weekend. Now to start sewing more things to shoot!!! lol!

Hope you all enjoyed the wedding festivities and the long weekend? I'm not much for watching royal occasions, but this couldn't be missed. I thought They both looked lovely, and genuinely happy, and wish the best to them both. Otherwise, the Mr and I have been repainting our bedroom (it's been crying out for a paint for months), I have gone all capsule on my wardrobe and thrown or donated old things I don't need, can't fit into or don't wear anymore. I can actually see everything in there now, its been years since I could last say that!! The house is looking more spacious, which is a miracle as the place is tiny!! And we both have lots of hobbies! Hoping that our savings will eventually allow us to buy something a bit bigger when we can ever afford to buy our first place.

There are a few summer makes in the pipeline, but I don't want to divulge them yet so that they're a surprise. But they are old skool cool!!!

oh, yeah, my birthday is coming up soon, keep forgetting that, my last year in my 20s, oh what to do with it eh? maybe a tiny last tattoo before its over? or a pair of irregular choice shoes? hmmmm

Imagine Homer Simpson drooling over a donut, and that's me right now!!!


Plushpussycat said...

Love the look of the photobox you got! Very professional! I have a post on my blog about how to make your own photo lightbox, for those who are interested. Great find, Pipinopolis!

Caz said...

Irregular choice shoes!!! DO IT!!!! I have one prescious paor that I adore :-P