Friday, 27 May 2011

So Inspired

I am feeling so inspired today! I popped over to give my bro his birthday pressie last night and found my sister-in-law and her friend had made some amazing origami crafts!! (I promise to post about these over the weekend). She has given me some great ideas of making my own rubber stamps and about the possibilities out there. Maybe, if I ask really nicely, she will put a tutorial online to show you how to make your own stamps.

I have also been browsing a little online, catching up on craft sites etc, and came across this pic on Craftzine:

Theres so much to love about this image. The clean whiteness of it all, the huge chunky knitting needles and yarn, and also the fact that I envy her big, clean working space. You could carpet a whole room with that knit!

Also, I saw these patterns on Craftzine too:

Crochet flower coasters

Crochet spring bunny

Valentine teddy amigurumi

How to: Simple skirts

Mainly crochet catching my eye today, such cute amigurumis and pretty, pretty coasters. And as for these skirts, well they are so simple to make! And yes, they can be made in grown up sizes too!!! Hooray..Can't wait to get my machine set up for this one!

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